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Learn the most powerful techniques and tools for Excel and Power BI


Reduce frustration, increase productivity and get your work done in 20% of the time

Get your work done in 20% of the time

Hi, my name is Ian Littlejohn


I'm an international trainer and coach.  I teach people how to analyze and report on data.


For most people working with data in Excel takes up most of their day.  My goal is to reduce your frustration, improve productivity and create a world-class ability to analyse and understand data.


I want to create skills, expertise and capabilities that will get your work done in 20% of the time and place you in the top 1% of all Excel users worldwide.

Free Top 10 Tips Guide

Get your free Top 10 Tips and Techniques for Excel Data Analysis Guide

Do you want to develop a world class ability to analyze and understand data with Excel and Power BI, but not sure where to start?

  • Learn the most powerful tool in Excel for Data analysis and reporting

  • What is Power Pivot? and why should I be using it - hint it allows you to work with millions of rows and data and create relationships between tables

  • What is Power Query? Learn the quickest and easiest way to transform and get your data ready for analysis.

Try our Free 5 Day Challenge

Each day you will get access to lessons for Excel and Power BI

Why not try our Free 5 Day Challenge to learn about the easiest ways time reduce frustration and complete your data analysis in 20% of the time.

  • Day 1 - Learn about the Power of Excel Pivot Tables

  • Day 2 - It's time for more sophisticated tables and calculations

  • Day 3 - Get interactive - Learn about Slicers and Pivot Tables

  • Day 4 - Sign up and start with Power BI

  • Day 5 - Create and publish an interactive dashboards with Power BI


Excel Master Class

Join the Top 1% of all Excel users

This course will teach you how to create reports, perform data analysis and create powerful interactive dashboards with a few click of the mouse.

$297 only


Power BI Master Class

Learn Microsoft new easy to use Business Intelligence tool

If you are an Excel user you need to learn Power BI.  Power BI creates powerful interactive reports and dashboards in minutes.  Learn how to publish and share to web.

$297 only