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Storing and Analyzing Data with Google BigQuery

The title of this weeks blog post may not seem too exciting. However as we will discover in the course of this blog, BigQuery offers a lot of easy to use options for people doing data analysis. Before we get stuck into the nuts and bolts about BigQuery; let’s first ask the question why would we...


Interactive Dashboards with Google Data Studio

In the last post we looked at the impressive capabilities of Google Sheets Pivot Tables. However one of the areas that it was lacking in was the ability to create interactive views of your data and information. In this post we are going to review how Google Data Studio can easily create...


Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

Welcome to our first week of investigating what the Google products can offer Microsoft Excel users. So as I mentioned last week Google products do not tend to be as technically rich as Microsoft, but they do provide huge benefits particularly in the way of cost, collaboration and...


Exploring the World of Google Data Analysis

My last 10 years have been spent working with Microsoft Data products. I have trained thousands of people on how to use Excel Pivot Tables to easily crunch, summarize, aggregate and gain insight from large volumes of data. I then went further and added Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI to...